Boys Varsity Track, Girls Varsity Track · Track & Field – Sports Registration Contracts Due February 6, 2017


Track & Field – Sports Registration Contract

This form must be submitted on, or before, February 6, 2017. By signing this form, and submitting it by the due date, you are granting CCCS the permission to bill your tuition account for the full $275 on your March, 2017 statement. If you fail to sign and return this form to the Athletic Office by the due date of February 6th you must submit a check for the full amount of $300, which includes the late fee of $25, no later than February 10th . Your child will not be allowed to participate with our sports teams in any fashion until we have received all necessary items from you. If you miss the deadline date, and this contract is not submitted, your child will not be able to participate in Track & Field with CCCS this year. If you have enrolled your child in the Universal Athletic Fee Program, your tuition will be billed according to the plan that you chose on the Universal Athletic Fee Program Registration form. However, you and your child must still sign and return this contract, in order to officially enroll your child in the CCCS Track & Field Program