Boys Varsity Football · Gym Rats Hard At Work

Freshman Jonathan Featherstone has been enrolled in the Strength and Conditioning Class since the Eighth Grade. During this past year, Jonathan has been one of the most consistent and committed students in the class.
Jonathan is starting to show the Fruits of his Labor, for all his determination and hard work. Currently in the Strength and Conditioning Class, Jonathan is one of the strongest students.
On the Grizzlies’ Strength and Conditioning Records Board, Jonathan currently holds the following in the Top 5 : #1 Bench Squat Spot 370 lbs 1×8 Repetitions, #1 Leg Press Spot 865 lbs 1×8 Repetitions, #3 Bench Press Spot 175 lbs 1×8 Repetitions and #3 Dead lift Spot 345 lbs 1×8. Also, Jonathan’s efforts has earned a #1 Bench Squat Spot for the All-Time Records with 800 lbs Press.
Jonathan is truly a Blessing to have in the Strength and Conditioning Class, even with his accomplishments he is always there  to encourage or assist his fellow Classmates. Jonathan is well respected by his peers and quietly becoming one of Leaders in the Class.

“Keep up the Hard work Jonathan”, Coach Kemblowski.

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