Boys Varsity Basketball · Grizzlies Thrilling Win

On Monday, January  8th the Grizzlies were locked in and ready to face the visiting Sage Hill Lightning.  With a warm home crowd behind the Grizzlies, this game was ready to  get started! The referees ready up both teams and the boys tipped off! With a strong defensive start  from your Grizzlies they would look to senior Julian Restrepo to contain the 6’9 giant from Sage Hill. Both teams playing with a lot of grit, having the crowd on the edge of their seats the atmosphere was filled with excitement. With time counting down going into half-time with 1:30 left on the clock, the Grizzlies needed some momentum, and who better then from senior Jacob Escalante. Scoring three 3 pointers and giving the Grizzlies the lead at half time. Jacob Escalante looked to rally his troops and carry  their momentum into the second half. Lead by Head Coach Greg Higashi and assistant Jeremiah Mitte, the message at half time was “Keep crashing the boards, look to push when we can and keep up the tempo”. With the start of the second half the visiting Lightning were anything but  finished. With a couple stops on the defensive end and great offensive possession the Lightning regained the lead. Now, this game was coming to an end and with a fourth quarter start both teams were looking to give it all they had. The Grizzlies’ foul trouble led to losing one of there starting 5, Alex Mendoza a Junior who has been a huge asset  to the Grizzlies success throughout his career at Calvary. With this loss the Grizzlies looked to Sophomore Angel Pacheco, a transfer from Huntington Park and a great addition to the Grizzlies. With a step back three pointer from Angel Pacheco that erupted the home crowd. he provided a spark of momentum for the Grizzlies at just the right time. With the game close and Grizzlies still trailing, time was not on their side. Senior Jacob Escalante called a time out and Coach Greg Higashi settled down the team to make one final push. With a huge three pointer from Jacob Escalante and a strong effort from the supporting cast, the Grizzlies rought the score to within one point, of 65-64. With visiting the visiting Lightning leading and only 40 seconds remaining on the clock, the Grizzlies needed a huge defensive stop. Who better to provide it than Senior Julian Restrepo. An offensive foul from the Lightning, sent Restrepo to the foul line. With two free throws and the score still remaining 65-64, the pressure was on our Grizzlies. First free throw goes up……Swish! The crowd erupts with joy, but there is still one more shot.. Restrepo put the second free throw up and swish! The two made free throws put the Grizzlies up by just one point. Now with 22 seconds left on the clock  one defensive stop is all the Grizzlies needed to withhold the visiting Lightning. The ball was put in play and with time counting down the Lightning were called for traveling while looking for a shot. This gave possession back to the Grizzlies. This was icing on the cake and would solidify the win for your Calvary Chapel Grizzlies. With a huge win for Coach Greg Higashi and his coaching staff, this was great momentum leading into league that the Grizzlies needed. The next home game is Friday, January 12th at 7:30pm in our Grizzly Den! Make sure to come out and support and show your Grizzly spirit! To God be the glory .