Multiple Teams · Spring Sports Senior Highlight

Our Spring sports Seniors have received a shout-out from the National Christian School Athletic Association. The original posting can be viewed on the NCSAA Facebook page here: NCSAA

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Calvary Chapel Christian School Downey (Downey, CA)

Dear Grizzly Spring Sport Seniors!

Our hearts go out to you.. we love and cherish all of our student-athletes, but we will always have a special place in our hearts for you special few, who were not able to complete your senior season of sport. You will all be missed very much, but will never be forgotten. We pray that you are able to take full advantage of the blessings that the Lord has in store for you in the future. May you never forget His love, His grace and all that you learned here at CCCS!

Calvary Chapel Seniors…Please know how much your team, teachers, friends, coaches, and teammates care about you…and how much your contributions and service to others have been valued. Thank you for what you have invested, and please know that we hurt with you as you miss out on experiences that matter to you. Know that we at NCSAA care for and pray for you. We pray that God will guide your steps and make His love evident to you in His plans for your future!


Senior athletes:

Aaron Alvarez


Angel Moreno


Arturo Rodriguez


Derrick Helmit


Danielle Lopez


Elayah Karamov


Fabian Donato


Gabriel Ruvolo


Isabelle Alvarez


Jordan Hampton


Joanna Mastron


Khailynne Davis


Luke Robinson


Milla Guzman


Michael Neville


Nathan Preijers


Raymond Bedolla


Sarah Veloz


Victoria Ayala