Athletics FAQ

What is the UAFP?

The Universal Athletic Fee Program is a money saving program for those students that do more than one sport. Enrolling in this program enables an athlete to participate in up to 3 different sports during one school year for one flat fee (due to CIFSS changing the sports calendar for 2020-2021, athletes will only be able to participate in two sports at most, this school year). This program does not enroll your students in any specific sport. You must still complete a Sports Registration Contract for each and every sport that your student plans on enrolling in, by the sport/season specific deadlines. The UAFP deadline has passed and is no longer available for the 2020-2021 school year.


I signed up for the UAFP, do I still have to complete the Athletic Clearance Process?

Yes. Signing up for the UAFP only enrolls you in this money saving program for multiple sports. It does not enroll you in any specific sport. You will still need to enroll in each specific sport that your child is interested in joining, by completing the Athletic Clearance process and submitting a signed confirmation page for each and every sport they desire to join.


Can I sign up for the UAFP at any time?

No, unfortunately this program is only available until August for the upcoming school year (please see enrollment form for actual deadline). Prayerful consideration between you and your child on the multiple sports they will participate in is required before this form is filled out and submitted.


I signed up for the summer sports session; OR I chose a team sport on my class selection form. Doesn’t that officially enroll me in a team sport?

No, please be aware there are different seasons for different sports. Our summer sports season does not officially enroll you into that sport for its official CIF season (Fall, Winter, Spring). The only way to enroll in a team sport is to submit a Sports Registration Contract.

My child is enrolled in Grizzly Academy. Why do I have to pay an additional fee, to enroll in athletics?

The Grizzly Academy is our satellite school. There is a tuition fee, for each “on campus” course that Grizzly Academy students enroll in. Team Sports are considered “on campus” courses.


What is the summer sports session?

The summer sports session provides an opportunity for prospective athletes to participate in many of our sports for one low fee. By enrolling in a number of sports during the summer session, your child has the opportunity to determine what sports they are most interested in, so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to enroll in the UAFP, or to complete individual Sports Registration Contracts. Also, for more experienced athletes, the summer session provides practice time and training for their respective sports, for a low fee.



I’m confused about what is expected from my child. Where can I find all necessary information?

Every year, our athletes and their parents should read through the “Athletic Handbook” found on our “Athletics Registration” page under the Grizzly HQ menu bar. Our coaches conduct a parent meeting prior to each season that we encourage all parents and athletes to attend, so questions can be answered before a commitment is made. Also, all sport’s game schedules can be found on our athletics website, under that sport’s team page. Please stay in communication with your child’s coach. Also, you can contact the athletic office for any questions or concerns.


I don’t know when my child’s physical expires. I think I submitted medical information with my child’s re-enrollment paperwork. Am I covered?

Please feel free to contact our athletic office to see if we have a current physical on file and when it will be expiring.  The emergency medical information submitted as a part of school enrollment, does not satisfy the athletic physical requirement.


My child does not want to continue with the sport he/she signed up for, what are our options?

The first step of our “Athletic Checklist” is prayerful consideration, whether or not you can honor your commitment. Any student that removes themselves from a sport, risks receiving an “F” in that class, and will not be eligible to enroll in any other sport for that same season, nor the following season, as outlined in our Athletic Handbook. No refunds will be given, when an athlete quits a sport.


My child’s grades are suffering because of the sport they are in. I want to remove my child from the team. What are the consequences?

CCCS abides by CIF bylaws that any student with below a 2.0 GPA, for consecutive grading periods will be deemed academically ineligible for athletics. If a student quits a team on their own, prior to this process taking affect, they will be considered ineligible, as mentioned in the question above.


My child needs to attend tutoring after school. Will he/she be excused from practices and/or games?

As outlined in our Athletic Handbook, attendance at all practices and games is mandatory. However, if a student has a “D” or and “F” in a core academic class, he/she will be required, by the teacher, to attend “mandatory tutoring.” Mandatory tutoring sessions, due to a “D” or “F” will be excused by the coach. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate to the coach, AND work these sessions around their athletic games with their teacher. Tutoring sessions that are not directly related to mandatory tutoring due to a “D” or “F” will not be excused by the coach.


We have a family function coming up that will cause my child to miss a game, or practice. Will they be excused?

As outlined in our Athletic Handbook, attendance at all practices and games is mandatory. Absences will only be excused for mandatory tutoring, or family emergencies, weddings and funerals. Students are eligible to receive 50% credit, if non-excused absences are communicated to the coach at least 1 day prior to the absence. No credit will be given, for unexcused absences that are not communicated to the coach.


What is the “spirit pack” and why is there an additional fee for it?

The spirit pack consists of team attire for practices and game days. These items are separate from the team uniforms, and are to be kept by the athletes. The items of each team’s spirit pack are determined by the head coach. Each coach endeavors to keep the costs of the spirit pack to a minimum, and those that chose to have more extravagant items, usually incorporate team fundraisers, to offset the costs for the parents. Spirit packs are not included in the athletic fee, as those funds facilitate the normal operations of our entire athletic department including, but not limited to, transportation, official’s fees, field rentals, equipment etc.


How does my child know when the sport they are interested in will start?

For 2020-2021 our calendar is a little different than a typical year. Please refer to the “Updates for 2020-2021” page under the Grizzly HQ menu bar. Deadlines are also posted on our athletics website under our “athletic fees flyer.” Also, each head coach will hold an interest meeting, during lunch time prior to the season’s commencement. The dates and times of these interest meetings will be listed in the lifeline announcements, as well as posted around campus and on the team calendars shown in our new School App.